Pack Yearly Calendar Summary

Each Den will meet a minimum of 2 times/month.  In addition, Dens will have ‘go see it’ field trips and other Den activities.  The following dates are events for the whole pack.  Note that some dates are placeholders so consult the calendar on the website in the future.




SEPTEMBER Cooperation 4th Parent meeting
18th Pack Meeting
OCTOBER Responsibility Popcorn sales throughout month; look for show and sell dates to be announced
6th Possible Sea World sleepover
16th Pack Meeting
27th Raingutter Regatta
NOVEMBER Citizenship 3rd Campout – Kerrville
10th Possible Sea World sleepover
13th Pack Meeting
17th Cave Tour
DECEMBER Respect 1st Boerne Christmas Parade
18th  Pack Meeting +Christmas party +service project
JANUARY Positive Attitude 12th Chop Shop Derby Clinic
26th Pinewood Derby + packmeeting
FEBRUARY Resourcefulness 24th Blue and Gold
MARCH Compassion 19th Pack Meeting
APRIL Faith 16th Bike Rodeo + Pack Meeting
TBA possible USS Lexington Sleep Aboard Trip
MAY Health and Fitness 19th Rank Advancement +dinner + pack hike
24th Scouts plant flags atFt. Hood